Monday, May 10, 2021

Victor & Giannina


Blowing Conch Shell
Conch shell blowing is a Hawaiian wedding tradition announcing the beginning of something important about to take place.
Hawaiian Wedding

Bridal Dream Hawaii
More wedding traditions with the exchange of flower leis and wedding rings. Tradition is a good thing.
Honolulu Hawaii

Ala Moana Park
You may kiss the Bride! Congratulations!
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Hawaii Wedding Music
Our Hawaiian Wedding Musician David plays the Ukulele for a romantic Honolulu wedding by Bridal Dream Hawaii.

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  1. A thought occurred to me. When the Minister announces, "You may kiss the Bride", there was possibly a deeper meaning than a mere kiss. Christians believe that marriage is meant to be the beginning of a man and woman's intimate relationship. In the sanctity of marriage, the relationship has stability and creates a home where children can be born with both parents present to love and nurture them. Call me traditional, but that is definitely the ideal.