Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22nd Arthur & Stephanie at Kahala Beach

May 22nd Magic Island Photos

 James & Rebekah visit Magic Island for some more photos after their wedding at Kahala Beach.

For extra photos at a second location, our 2-Beach Wedding is ideal!

Kahala Resort Hotel

 Nice view of Kahala Resort Hotel from the peninsula at Kahala Beach.

Wedding Stroll at Kahala Beach

A pleasant stroll at Kahala Beach for some marvelous wedding photos.

May 22nd Kahala Beach - James & Rebekah

James & Rebekah get married at beautiful Kahala Beach.

May 22nd Waialae Beach Park

 James & Rebekah arrive at their wedding in style!
How about a quick pic at the picnic table?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20 Magic Island Sunset - Michael & Joye

We're glad Michael & Joye had such a beautiful sunset for their special day! Magic Island is the place to see it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18 Kahala Vow Renewal - George & Jennifer

George & Jennifer renew their wedding vows with their little girls at Kahala Beach.

Beautiful Shots at Kahala Beach!

 George & Jennifer tie the knot all over again renewing their vows at Kahala Beach.

With this Ring...

For precious moments like these we want to cover all the angles.

Jennifer & George Exchanging Rings

George & Jennifer looked so good exchanging wedding rings, I just kept shooting...

Sealed with a Kiss!

These shots are absolutely fabulous!
Great Photographer!

George & Jennifer

These are some of my FAVORITE shots! What a tropical paradise!

Looking Good!

Wow! You guys really look GREAT!

Best Scenery in Honolulu!

This spot is our most requested wedding location. And for good reason. The scenery is unbeatable!


Jennifer looks absolutely stunning! What a lovely Hawaiian Bride.

Pretty Hawaii Bride

Jennifer's Little Bridesmaids

Cute little smiles really make our day :)

Jennifer and the Girls

Nice Family!

 Great day at Kahala Beach for some great family photos!

Having Fun in Hawaii

The Aussies really know how to have a good time!