Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rafael & Norma

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Norma & Rafael are originally from Peru, now residing in Australia. What an honor it was to have their 50th Wedding Anniversary here in Hawaii!

50-Year Anniversary Celebration

Wedding Vow Renewal
Bridal Dream Hawaii
I cannot say how honored we are that Kay chose Bridal Dream Hawaii to help celebrate her parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Family Photos

Monday, October 21, 2013

And the Sun Sets...

Perfect way to end a great day, with a nice sunset at Waikiki!

Congratulations are in Order

Waikiki Maternity PhotosLoving Mother
 Congratulations to Thiago & Simone for their new family member on the way.

Outrigger Canoes at Waikiki

Honolulu Wedding
I love to use the Waikiki canoes as photo props. They make a great tropical backdrop for the photos.

Hilton Lagoon

Honolulu Weddings
Hilton Lagoon looks great in the photos. Especially with such a happy couple!
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Hilton Rainbow Tower

The Hilton Hawaiian Village Rainbow Tower makes a nice backdrop in the wedding photos.

Romantic Couple

 So nice to see how happy and in love Thiago & Simone are.
Their affection and smiles are genuine.

Waikiki Wedding - Thiago & Simone

Brazilian Couple in Hawaii
Our Brazilian couple Thiago & Simone share their wedding vows in Hawaii.

A magnificent view of Diamond Head is the main attraction of Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki Silhouette

Awesome sunset silhouette photo of Peter & Emily at Waikiki Beach.
Photo by Vera, photoshop by Robert.

Beautiful Sunset in Waikiki

Beautiful Colors
Family Photos
Lots of fun taking photos at sunset time in Waikiki. Thanks Vera!

Romantic Waikiki

There's romance in the air at Waikiki Beach, and our Photographer Vera captures the moment very nicely indeed.

Oct 21st Peter & Emily's Wedding

Happy to have this UK family choosing Hawaii to exchange their Wedding Vows.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oct 19th Waialae Beach Park Wedding

Waialae Beach Park
Cory & Chisato requested our KAHALA DELUXE Wedding at Waialae Beach Park.

This is one of the few locations on Oahu where we can set up a bamboo Arch & Chairs on the beach.
Hawaii Wedding

Elvis Wedding in Hawaii?

Elvis in Hawaii
Elvis Presley
Funny Prank

Cory & Chisato originally got married in Las Vegas. We all thought it was pretty funny when Cory's step-dad gave him one last chance to have an Elvis Wedding.

Bride's Pic

Lovely Japanese Bride Chisato rests in the shade while Robert gets another shot.
This nice spot by the lava rock pillars looks good in the photos.

Paradise in Hawaii

Bridal Dream Hawaii
A beautiful tropical paradise is just 15 minutes away from Waikiki.
Kahala Weddings...

Lovely Japanese Bride


Chisato is having TOO MUCH FUN!

Destination Wedding

Bridal Dream HawaiiHonolulu Weddings
Dream Wedding in Hawaii
Two families crossed both sides of the Pacific Ocean to meet for a wonderful wedding in Hawaii.

Cory & Chisato at Kahala Beach

Hawaii Weddingsgorgeous wedding
Bridal Dream
We get some great wedding photos with Cory & Chisato at Kahala Beach on Oct. 29th. (Photos by Robert Hamilton.)

Limousine Service

Hawaii Wedding Limo
You may want to request Limousine service if you have more than seven passengers needing transportation. No need to worry about how to get there or where to park. Leave the driving to us.

Nice Sunset!

Gorgeous sunset photos in Waikiki, thanks to Vera's skilled photography (and Robert's photo editing).

Oct 19 Waikiki Wedding - Brian & Kellie

Brian & Kellie's beautiful Waikiki wedding photos, taken by Photographer Vera.