Friday, January 24, 2014

Marvelous Wedding Photos

The gorgeous scenery at Kahala Beach makes our Photographer's job much easier!

Love those Colors!

Kahala BeachBridal Dream Hawaii
Deep blue sky, turquoise ocean, and green coconut tree branches.
Looks good to me!

Beautiful Wedding Destination

Most Beautiful Wedding Destination
Clearly one of the most beautiful wedding locations on Oahu, at Kahala Beach.

Like a Postcard

Wedding Greetings
Send your Hawaiian wedding greetings back home in a postcard. 

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Tropical Fun

Hawaii Bride
Married in Hawaii Our groom Sean has a little fun climbing coconut trees.

Kahala Wedding (Sean & Amy)

Hawaiian Weddingtraditional ceremony
Tropical Wedding
Rev. Kimo blows the conch shell at Sean & Amy's Kahala Beach wedding.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos
Tom & Sophie have some beautiful Engagement Photos at Kahala Beach.
Bridal Dream Hawaii

Bride Photos

Chinese Bride
Kahala Beach is our #1 recommended spot to take Bride photos in Hawaii.

Kahala Resort Hotel

Dolphin Quest
We visit the KAHALA RESORT to see their dolphins & turtles on our way around the Island of Oahu.

Romantic Waikiki Weddings

Wedding Kiss
Gabriel & Marina share a kiss on the beach at Waikiki.

The End of Waikiki

Gabriel & Marina on the wall at the end of Waikiki Beach.

Awesome Wedding Photos!

 Photographer Vera did an awesome job capturing beautiful
wedding photos for Gabriel & Marina!

Canoes of Waikiki

The outrigger canoes add some color and tropical atmosphere to Waikiki Beach.

Walk at Waikiki

Beautiful photos walking on the beach at Waikiki.

Flower Shower!

White Rose Petals

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Gabriel & Marina's Waikiki Wedding

Hawaii Destination
Bridal Dream Hawaii
Hawaiian Wedding
Rev. Kimo blows the conch shell as Gabriel & Marina seal their wedding with a kiss.

Beautiful Diamond Head View

Waikiki Wedding
Waikiki Beach has a wonderful view of Diamond Head as its main attraction.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beautiful Photos at Kahala Beach

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Romantic Hawaii
Nice to bring home beautiful photos of Hawaii to remember a wonderful vacation in the Islands.

Nice Pics with the Kids

Throwing Rose Petals

Give the kids some rose petals to throw at Mom & Dad!

Cut the Cake!

Kick-start the romance & fun in your marriage with some creative ideas.

Party on the Beach

A ready-made party on the beach, with Cake and Sparkling Apple Cider.

Music adds Life

A little Ukulele music goes a long way.

Serenade the Bride

Love these serenade photos!
Father and son team Robert & Lance shooting from different angles.

Best Photos are Dancing Shots

When you dance you have fun, and when you have fun the photos come out great!