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Thanks to this Peninsula

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Bridal Dream Hawaii owes its success to the beautiful scenery of this spot. When couples saw these photos they knew this was where they wanted to get married.

Couldn't be more Beautiful!

Hawaii Destination
This is as BEAUTIFUL as it gets! What an awesome place to get married in Hawaii!

Coconut Trees are my Specialty

wedding photos
Coconut trees look great in Hawaiian wedding photos!

Such Amazing Scenery!

Awesome Wedding Photos
The paradise post-card scenery of Kahala Beach makes it the perfect background for your destination wedding in Hawaii.

July 3 Wedding at Kahala Beach - Stephen & Ella

Hawaii Destination
This wedding location at Kahala Beach is nothing less than stunning!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maternity Photos

Hawaiian Photographer
We were happy to have our first request for Maternity Photos! And I must say, Photographer Vera did a fine job for Franklin & Allison.