Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chauncey & Karina's Hawaii Wedding

Military Wedding in HawaiiBridal Dream Hawaii
 Glad Chauncey & Karina called for us for a Beach Wedding.
Their photos came out great!


Beautiful BrideGorgeous Bride
Karina looks simply gorgeous! Awesome pics!


Bridal Dream Hawaii
Wow, Karina! Absolutely stunning!

Marriage License Signing

Time to sign the Marriage License and make it official!

New Year's Eve Wedding

Rev. John Fuchigami
Bridal Dream Hawaii
Nice Smile

Chauncey & Karina tie the knot at Kahala Beach on the last day of 2013.

Dennis & Roselyn - New Year's Eve

Vow Renewal
Hawaii Family Reunion
Dennis & Roselyn renew their wedding vows at Kahala Beach on New Year's Eve commemorating their 25th Anniversary.

Filipina Bride

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Honolulu Tour

We see Diamond Head from three angles on our Honolulu Tour ($100).
Waikiki Fountain at Kapiolani Park is a nice spot for a quick pic.
Diamond Head looks huge as we look at it from Kapiolani Park, about as close as we can get and still have a good view.

Two Beaches

Honolulu Photo Tour
We visited the two of the most scenic beaches in Honolulu, Kahala Beach and Magic Island.

See more of Daniel & Jessica's Engagement Photos.
Hawaii Engagement Photos

Walk on the Beach

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Best beach in Honolulu! Hands down!

Family Reunion

Best way to get the family together for a reunion is to invite them to Hawaii for your Wedding Vow Renewal!

A Touch of Hawaiian Music

Ukulele Player

Our Canadian couple dancing to the music of the Hawaiian Ukulele.

Happy Canadians in Hawaii

Canadians in Hawaii
So happy to see the Bride's wonderful smile! That's why we're called "Bridal Dream Hawaii"!
Bridal Dream

25th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii

Hawaii Vow Renewal
Dennis & Jacqueline celebrate 25 years of marriage as they renew their wedding vows at Kahala Beach.

Hawaiian Christmas

Google plus made this neat Christmas gif for me :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Koko Head Trail

Hiking on OahuSunset at Koko Head
Nice sunset view of Diamond Head and Waikiki from Koko Head Hiking Trail.
No better way to see Oahu up close than climbing a mountain.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Family Photos

Magic Island
 I'm honored that Pastor John asked if I could shoot some photos of his family.
Magic Island was a nice choice of location.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Koko Head (East Honolulu)

Circle Island TourBest Snorkeling on Oahu
 You can see Koko Head in the distance from Kawaikui Beach Park
(top photo), and right up close from Hanauma Bay.

Diamond Head from 3 Angles

Diamond Head View Amanda & Antony take a trip around the Island with our CIRCLE OAHU TOUR.

Kapiolani Park is the best place to see Diamond Head up close.
Kapiolani Park
The Waikiki Fountain is a nice spot at Kapiolani Park to stop for a photo.
Ocean View
Diamond Head Garden has an awesome ocean view, but you're too close to see much of Diamond Head, standing right on top of it.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun Shot!

Happy Hawaii Wedding
The fun photos usually become your favorites!

Waikiki Wedding Photos

Diamond Head is the main attraction in our Waikiki wedding photo scenery. In the opposite direction can also get some sunset photos in the early evening.

Beautiful Bride's Smile

Lovely Bride
Lovely Bride Jennifer has an awesome smile!
Beautiful Smile
Hawaii Bride

Jason & Jennifer's Wedding at Waikiki Beach

Rev. John officiates the wedding ceremony for Jason & Jennifer,
with Photographer Robert on camera duty.

Here comes the Bride

The Bride's parents wish their daughter well as she begins her new married life.

Top Choice Wedding Location

Kahala Beach Hawaii
Kahala Beach remains our most requested wedding location in Honolulu.


Czech Princess
Lovely Bride Dora is our Czech Princess.

Tomas & Dora from Czech Republic

Honolulu Destination WeddingsBridal Dream Hawaii
Sparkling Apple Cider
We're so happy when couples from Europe brave the long flights to visit Hawaii for their dream wedding.

Dolphin Watching

Kahala ResortEncounter
The Kahala Resort is a great place to see the dolphins. If you're up for it they have a Dolphin Encounter program so you can swim with the dolphins too.