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Sunset Photos at Magic Island

Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park is a popular spot for sunset wedding photos, and just minutes away from your hotel in Waikiki.

Magic Island Photo Shoot

Greg & Casey visit Magic Island near Waikiki for some more scenic Hawaiian wedding photos.

2-Beach Wedding

Greg & Casey visit two beaches for great blue-sky photos at Kahala Beach and golden sunset photos at Magic Island.

Look No Further

No need to look any further, you've just found the most scenic wedding location in Hawaii!

Hawaiian Sand Ceremony

Bride & Groom pour two colors of sand into one vase to represent
two lives joined together into one family.

Wedding Rings

Rev. Kimo explains the meaning of the wedding rings...

Handsome Couple!

This good-looking couple makes the Photographer's job too easy!

Little Island

The little island in the background is one of Kahala Beach's most popular traits.

Under the Coconut Trees

Kahala Beach has the BEST coconut trees to stand under for your wedding in Hawaii.

Valentine's Day Wedding - Greg & Casey

Bernard plays Ukulele while Rev. Kimo performs Greg & Casey's 
wedding at Kahala Beach in Honolulu.

The Groom's wait is almost over...

Greg waits as his lovely Bride makes her entrance.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 11 Waikiki Wedding - Gary & Kathy

Nice view of Hilton Hawaiian Village (Rainbow Tower) and the Hilton Lagoon make a beautiful backdrop for Gary & Kathy's Hawaiian wedding photos.

Nice Shot!

Great Shot of Bride & Groom at Kahala Beach!

Bride & Groom Walking at Kahala Beach

Great place for a stroll. Kahala Beach has some of the BEST scenery in Hawaii!

Ukulele Music

Hawaii is the land of the Ukulele (miniature Hawaiian Guitar). What better way to say you got married in Hawaii than to hire a Ukulele Player?

Feb 11 Wedding - Anders & Ida (from Sweden)

We're happy to have Anders & Ida visiting from Sweden for their wedding & honeymoon in Hawaii. Thank you for using Bridal Dream Hawaii!

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