Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tamura Family at Magic Island

Happy Place
Fun couple Takashi and Yoriko and their two children shoot photos at Magic Island with Photographer Robert.
Hawaii Honeymoon

Princess Bride

Honolulu Weddings

Professional Photos
The kids tag along for the photo shoot. Mom and Dad get most of the photos, but we include the kids too.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Magic Island Photos with Ryo & Shizuka

Honolulu Weddings
Ryo and Shizuka pose in front of Diamond Head for honeymoon photos in Honolulu. Wedding Photographer Robert Hamilton is waiting for your call. Schedule your photo shoot on Oahu at: 808-772-1140

Ryo & Shizuka

Friday, July 27, 2018

Jesper & Suzan

Jesper & Suzan
Swedish couple Jesper and Suzan fly half way around the world to Honolulu Hawaii. Thank you for allowing us at Bridal Dream Hawaii to be a part of your special day in Paradise!
Pastor John

Conch Shell Blowing
Conch shell blowing alerts those within earshot that something important is about to begin. A new life together surely fits the occasion.
Kahala Beach

Dancing at the Beach
Honolulu Wedding Package
Wedding Minister
Bride's Flower Bouquet
Wedding Photographer
70-80 images
Souvenir Wedding Certificate
MON-FRI: $499.00 
Weekends/AfterHours: $599.00 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Waialae Beach Wedding

Honolulu Weddings
Beautiful wedding photos at Waialae Beach with Chris and Sloan.

Honolulu Hawaii

Ukulele Player
Bride and Groom pose with Hawaiian Musician Bernard Kalua (above).

Beautiful tropical bouquet by Hawaii Wedding Flowers.

Chris & Sloan Honolulu Wedding

Honolulu Hawaii
Our Kahala Deluxe Wedding at Waialae Beach Park includes bamboo arch and 20 chairs for your guests. Lovely wedding package for medium sized weddings with 20 guests.
Kahala Deluxe Wedding

Honolulu Weddings

Wedding Party

Honolulu Florist
Celebrate your marriage in Honolulu with a rose petal flower shower. Bridal Dream Hawaii has plenty of flower options you may include in your wedding package.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Magic Island with Daichi & Yuka

Daichi & Yuka
Awesome shot of Daichi and Yuka with Diamond Head as a beautiful photo backdrop. Give our Photographer a call to shoot memorable photos at your wedding in Honolulu.
Romantic Honeymoon

Bridal Dream Hawaii


Hi There
See more photos of this couple at: PRIMARRIE CHURCH WEDDING

Byron & Holly

10 Year Celebration
We're honored to have Byron and Holly back again exactly 10 years later to celebrate their anniversary with a wedding vow renewal at Bridal Dream Hawaii.

Also see their wedding video.
Bride's Flowers

Wedding Kiss

Bridal Dream Hawaii

Oahu Hawaii

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Masahiro & Aki at Magic Island

Wedding Ring
Masahiro and Aki visit Magic Island on their wedding photo tour in Honolulu.

The RING SHOT has become one of my favorite poses.
Flower for me?
Flowers? For me?
Give your special lady something romantic.
Honolulu Weddings

Wedding Celebration
Much easier to jump in a tuxedo than a wedding dress!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Alex & Riley Wedding at Waialae

Waialae Beach Wedding
Rev John officiates wedding for Alex and Riley at Waialae Beach Park, Honolulu Hawaii.
Honolulu Weddings
Oahu Paradise

Hawaii Wedding
Beautiful and tropical bunch of coconut trees at Waialae Park. Awesome wedding photo backdrop!

Wedding Photos

Pink Roses
We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Another nice backdrop for Honolulu wedding photos.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Satoshi & Ai at Magic Island

Magic Island
Satoshi and Ai stroll on the beach at Magic Island. The stuff honeymoons are made of. Wishing you happiness and "magic" in your marriage.
Satoshi & Ai

Favorite PIcture
Do you have a favorite picture? This may be the Bride's. Looks like a winner!

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms in Hawaii? Not exactly, but it looks like sakura to me.

Shinya & Maki at Ala Moana Beach

Hawaiian Honeymoon
Photographer shoots creative style Hawaii honeymoon photos for Japanese couple Shinya and Maki at Ala Moana Beach Park.
Ala Moana Beach

Honolulu Photography
Have fun at the beach and your Oahu wedding photos will turn out great! Need a Photographer in Honolulu? Call Robert at 808-772-1140. Text messages okay.
Oahu Photographer

Shinya & Maki